Welcome to the new home for Blue|Smash.

Blue|Smash is a free open source bluetooth pentest suite, powered by python for linux. I built Blue|Smash to aid me in my bluetooth adventures and thought others might benefit from my work :D. Here is a list of some of the tools included.

  • Sorbo's Frontline bluetooth sniffer.
  • A bruteforce scanner
  • Mac address spoofer
  • Load's of exploits
  • Autopwn vunrebility checker
  • CSR Firmware Backup/Updater

Version 1.* is only for the backtrack live CD, but verson 2.* will be for most linux distrobutions.

I've only just put this site together, so please be patient while I try to fit this in my spare time :D.


May 8th 2008

Blue|Smash v2.0a In progress!!!

Blue|Smash v2.0 has been taking a while as I am very limeted on time at the moment. But this week I spent a few hours on it and have got a lot done...... Read more...

April 18th

Blue|Smash v1.0e Released!!!