News 8th May 2008 - Blue|Smash v2.0a Progress

Hey Guys.

I've got a couple of spare moments today, so I thought I'd add a progress report to let you lot know what's going with Blue|Smash. Blue|Smash v2.0 has been taking a while as I am very limited on time at the moment. But this week I spent a few hours on it and have got a lot done.

First thing what's different in version 2.* ? Well a lot really, I started Blue|Smash as an attempt to teach myself a little python as I have no qualifications in IT. Version 1.* was my first attempt at anything really and it was poor :D. alot of mistakes and I didn't really know what I was doing lol I knew what I had to do to get the audits to run and I knew it would make my life easier when pentesting bluetooth devices (Another hobby of mine) .

Anyway I wrote this simple script based on Fasttrack by Relik Find him and fasttrack @ the Remote Exploit Forum . Fasttrack started as a menu driven frontend for some of BackTrack's tools included in their live CD. I was always getting asked how to run exploits and people were struggling with the basics So I decided to basicly copy Fasttrack but for bluetooth.

After getting mixed responses from people lol mostly abuse :D I decided to hit the drawing board again and totally recode Blue|Smash. So I got a couple of books on python and downloaded some info on pybluez and got stuck in, Blue|Smash v2.0a was born. Here is a list of some of the changes in Blue|Smash v2.


  • Complete code overhall Not so much of a rip off now lol
  • sqlite driven
  • Added CSR-EXT tools
  • Added over 20 carwhisper messages Some of these are funny
  • Manufacturers DB with over 10,000 MAC's added
  • Added Helomoto device add
  • Blue|Smash.s BT edition will now be packed into a lzm for easy install
  • Fixed broken links on install
  • Fixed hundreds of bugs lol
  • CSR sniffer now syncs without breaking the sniff operation
  • Removed updates menu
  • Removed some audits
  • Added Sony Erricson Display Reset
  • Blue|Smash is comming up to 2000 lines :O
  • To Do..

  • Add bluespam
  • Add bluechat
  • Revamp autopwn to have a more targeted approach.
  • Add local exploits
  • Add BSS
  • Add some new l2cap DoS exploits
  • Alert Sounds
  • Fully blown HID attack
  • In progress

  • Adding console mode
  • Adding autopwn console
  • Thinking about./

  • pyGUI or WebGUI ???
  • Not promising anything but Blue|Smash v2.0a should be ready for download in around two weeks. Pop back for more info / updates ETC.


    May 8th 2008

    Blue|Smash v2.0a Progress report!!!

    Blue|Smash v2.0 has been taking a while as I am very limeted on time at the moment. But this week I spent a few hours on it and have got a lot done...... Read more...

    April 18th

    Blue|Smash v1.0e Released!!!